Tuesday, July 20, 2010

adventure girl maybe

sunday was my first kinda mountain-ish bike ride.  and it was slightly more challenging than i had imagined.  i guess the word mountain in the name of the bike should have been a clue.  i did take garmin along for the ride but due to technical difficulties i cannot upload the wonderful google map.  so i will be re-doing the ride and bringing this to you at a later date.

this was a huge amount of fun.  and there were quite a few things i had not expected.  i packed my backpack with the essentials and most importantly a repair kit.  i, myself, had changed the tyres on the mtb from the road slicks to nobblies.  the trail is a beginners dream and only about 30 minutes from home - who knew !  i cannot believe people stay home making like a vegetable when we have such a wonderful world out there.  so at the late start time of 9am i found myself here -   

this is the beginning of the railway heritage trail ride that is a 40k loop.  one of the positive things is that while you feel you are going bush you are actually never far from help.  and i am very envious of the folks who actually live in the neighbourhood.  what beautiful homes.   takes me back to my surfie chickie babe hippie days. 

the track is great and i didnt take too long to adjust to the gravel.  bit nervous at first going down hill but you get confident and change the way you ride.  apply the basic rule of not applying the brakes while going downhill and it is fun.  the hard part was slowly climbing 20k into the hills of perth.  nothing big but it was a gradual climb up 300m in elevation. it took awhile to realise because it appears and seems like you are on a flat road.  my first pit stop was an area where they do some absailing.  obviously another ugly winters day.

the trail was easy to follow and some interesting things along the way.

i was happy to get to mt helena. suddenly the ride got easier and  you could apply some speed.  there are sign posts telling you how far you have travelled and how much further to the next location.  most of the time i was on my own and so it was very funny that when i finally decided to stop for a pee a guy rode past and yelled out hello.  more like hello butt cheeks.  and while on the topic of bodily functions i have become a champion at the bushmans hanky.  strange fact is that this sport of triathlon has a way of making the body become so basic in its functions. 

any good west aussie kid will know what this is.  the cy o'connor pipeline.  the dude who built this and the mundaring weir (not far from where this pic was taken) rode out into the bush and shot himself (took his teeth out first apparently).  it was a pipeline that took water uphill and miles away to kalgoorlie. 

beautiful wattle trees and a dream home.  this was the start of the slight downhill run.  i was probably riding around 25k per hour and glad to be cruising as the legs were tired.

black boys and wattle trees.

the trail from here until i was just about back to the start was incredibly rocky and a test on my new nobbly tyres.  what was surprising were the people that i came across.  nice to see someone running the trail but seriously why would you attempt to ride it on a road bike with your three year old and his bike.  poor dude was pushing both.  and obviously this was a beginner trail as i only rode past 4 other mtb riders the whole morning. 

it was a great morning out and more of a workout than i had planned.  i rode the 40k which is the same distance as the race i signed up for.  but it is not as hilly.  i think the classic has an elevation of 1000m (i dont know where i read this but it is wrong - see dwellingup100.com.au/course.html.)  so you can guess where i will be heading for a trial run very soon.

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