Tuesday, June 8, 2010

smoke free zone

how times have changed.  you can still buy these lolly (candy) smokes.  they are now called fads. and yes we called ciggies fags.  very pc.  

it is about two years ago that i stopped smoking.  i remember it was a friday and around the end of may.  people who have never smoked do not understand.  the process to stop smoking is different for everyone.  you have to find the missing link as to what works for you.  i love swimming.  i wanted to be good at it.  smoking is such an anti-social habit now that you can easily avoid even being around it and constantly reminded.  the hardest habit to break is the social one.  nicotine is highly addictive but the body gets over it. 
i will never smoke again because now i have something else - triathlon.  what else has changed ?  in the first two years alone i have saved $9000.  so is this money in the bank or paid off the mortgage.  afraid not - it paid for the bike and all the lycra and spandex now hanging in the wardrobe.  there are the usual suspects that make this a massive positive.  not dying is a biggie but for smokers that is never a reality until it happens.  it is nice to have a sense of smell and taste.  for me it is the sense of relief.  i am no longer at the mercy of an addiction.  i can get on a plane without worrying about how long the flight is.  i am not an outcast and i dont have that nagging constant worry.  the only person that is responsible for this is me.  there was no assist.  mum and dad nagging me made no difference.  if anything that would piss me off.  i hate being told what to do.  when i gave up for a year my mum said my personality changed.  what a stupid dumbass thing to say.  your lifestyle changes - not you.         

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