Monday, May 10, 2010

plan plan plan

Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential -- Winston Churchill

Plans are nothing; planning is everything.-- Dwight D. Eisenhower

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy. -- Helmuth von Moltke the Elder

A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week. -- George S. Patton

i love having a plan.  it gives me focus.  so i am going to randomly list the top things i want to do or change in everyday life (in no particular order) followed by my swim/bike/run plans.

1. take the mole and casey walking at least once a week.
2. wine free week days.
3. only watch quality tv.
4. declutter my house.
5. join a running group
6. swim with a masters group.
7. get into strength - weight training.
8. save $$$.
9. have patience to cook good food.
10. plan a holiday.
11.  do yoga or pilates on a regular basis.
12. learn more about my bike.
14. race to win not just finish.
15. have fun.

for the 2010/2011 triathlon season these are my basic goals.

the open water swim series has five events.  starting in november and going through to january.  the first is at rockingham followed by mullaloo (hillarys),  champion lakes, leightons and sorrento.  the first three are also triathlon courses.  if the weather is warm enough i will do all of them but champion lakes.  i do not want to swim in that stinky brown murky water again.  i would rather swim with the fishies.  i swam leightons and sorrento this year but only the 1.25k.  now i want to do at least 2 out of the 4 as 2.5k swims and most likely it will be at leightons and sorrento.  there are plenty of other open water swims and i find these quite easy to do physically so a few others could be on the cards.  especially the west coast 1000 as i LOVE swimming at cottesloe.  i will sign up for the 1600m this time. and there is always the busselton jetty swim - 3.9k which is also THE swim for the IM.  if you do the jetty swim it is NO wetsuit allowed - EVER.  the IM is always wetsuit legal.  they have a shorter distance swim which would be great to do.  i firmly believe it is a HUGE advantage if you have trained (in any capacity) on the course prior to race day.

this year i am going to join triathlon australia (wa) and race for points.  it will be fun and i will save money.  i will also get points if i finish top ten - this is doable.  not all events qualify for points.  all five triseries sprint events do.  venues are rockingham, hillarys, langley park (od), champion lakes, hillarys.  disgusting champion lakes will be a maybe.  there are another two olympic distance events other than langley park.  my number one goal will be to do all three.  the first one is in bunbury and it will be cold.  this is where my parents live and i went to high school.  my brother and his family also live there.  i wonder if any of them will get out of bed to come cheer.  dad probably will.  then the point walter od in march (this year was without the swim etc) is set to change locations and go to closed roads.  other than that i will pick events that i enjoyed from this year.  i loved the cottelsoe ocean challenge but that clashed with the first triseries event at hillarys.  the first power station event has a super sprint (1000m swim, 30k bike and 6k run) and i like that course.  i also enjoyed the enduro event at same location.  i had fun this year signing up for just about everything.  but now it has to be about quality and performance.  and endurance.  because my number one focus is that this all leads to the busselton half ironman in may 2011.   and i have lofty goals.  i want to do a 40m swim, 3 hour bike (flat course) and just over 2 hours for the run. i want to bring it in at 6 hours.  or maybe 6.15. 
somewhere i read that life is over when you no longer have any dreams. so i also want to do a marathon.  and there is the ironman.  they say to win an ironman is to finish it.  that is my ultimate goal.

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