Monday, May 10, 2010

mothers day 7k fun run

i completed the mothers day classic fun run last year and prior to it i had not run further than 5k.  in one training session prior to any triathlon i may have run 8-9k but i am not going to count that.  this is two laps around lake monger on mothers day to raise money for breast cancer research.  nothing better than running for a cause.  each lap is 3.5k and you can choose to do either 1 or 2 laps or to even walk 1 or 2 laps.  last year i was nervous because i knew i had to run it and 7k seemed like a mission.  i remember during the run that various things were hurting - my knee then my hip then i didnt think i would make it through the finish line without having a chuck.  i did it in 42mins exactly and on reflection that was a pretty good time  - for me.

so twelve months later was there any improvement ?  during the week i had ran 6k monday, rest tuesday, 10k wednesday, swim 2.5k thursday, ran 2.5k friday.  my legs were tired on friday so i decided to rest them a bit.  since i have the hbf 14k run in two weeks i wanted this to be a 'B' race.  i love my saturday swim but friday my shoulder started to hurt and this is not from swimming but sitting at a computer all day long.  i took some drugs and headed to the pool.  but i really couldnt swim and this really pissed me off.  i managed 2.5k of mainly kicking and breast stroke.  then i decided i needed to get a bike ride in since the last time i rode was the 75k 11 days prior and who knew if i would want to ride after the fun run and rain was forecast.  it was a wonderful 36.5k at an easy 26.5 avg pace. 

i hardly slept at all saturday night.  my shoulder was on fire and nurofen plus was not my friend.  well it wasnt exactly nurofen plus but a bobo brand that i will not use again.  i did apply a heat pack and i think that made it worse.  when i woke i really considered not going.  but i got up and took some real nurofen plus and rubbed some nurofen gel into and by the time i got in the car i was feeling okay.

it was a chilly morning and i was one of the first there.  bumped into beth and we chatted waiting for the start.  this year the start and finish line had moved and i think this worked really well.  the only thing that was a negative was how long they had us waiting at the start to begin.  i didnt want to get to the point where i needed to take a pee again.  i knew i was a faster runner than beth and we both had ipods so when the horn sounded i just took off.  the first lap was a decent pace and just about getting a nice groove.  i remember looking at my watch and knew i was tracking for an okay time.  and i wasnt being passed alot either - which was new.  i should have noted the split.  the second lap didnt hurt too bad.   i passed some people that had zoomed by on the first lap.  i was glad to see the finish line and about 30 metres out anna (who i race in triathlons) passed me.  DAMN.  i didnt know she was there and had no idea she was behind me.  i felt sad and then thought fuck it and sprinted to the line.  pegged her by two seconds.  i dont know if she knew it was me but she will be pissed when she sees the results.  or maybe she will not give a fat rats arse.

went home and pigged out.  i was starving.  didnt notice my shoulder until later and i think the drugs wore off :). 

Results Time 37.27.  PB by 4.33.  Whoo Hoo.  5.21 pace.  Age Group 26/156.  Gender 147/784 Overall 271/1071. 

i was happy happy happy. 

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