Friday, May 28, 2010

HBF Run For A Reason 14K Race Report

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this was the first year for this event and it was very well organised.  10,000 people turned up and it will grow in the future.  i had two problems - the start and the finish.  firstly they had us in a much too narrow area and when i ran over the start it was at a very slow jog that then became a walk for about 90 seconds and until i reached the first corner.   and as it turned out the race wasnt 14k but 14.484k.  because it went over the freeway and through the tunnel they couldnt measure it correctly until there were no cars.  i didnt find out until the next day as the last sign i saw said 13k and i never looked for another one and missed the sign that said 14k.  why would i have been looking for it ?  it did explain why it felt like FOREVER to the finish line.

so i had put some k's in training and was feeling pretty good.  mostly 10k training runs and i had only ran once during the week with swimming as usual.  the only thing i was worried about and i am the same no matter what the sport and that was the distance.  the longest run for me was last years 12k (hilly) city to surf.  so i didnt know if the legs would hold up.  i had three goals.  1. to finish it.  2. to run it in 84 minutes or 6min k's and 3. to do in less than 84 minutes or as fast as possible.

like i said my start was slow and i have mentioned before that i need to get a little more aggressive.  especially instead of hanging back and having a good old chat to people.  once i turned the first corner it was okay and my legs felt good.  had the new playlist and felt a rythmn building.  then out of nowhere a dickhead slams into me from behind.  there was no drink station so i dont know what he was doing.  i was very lucky not to fall or twist my leg.  with the ipod you dont hear it coming.  i called him an idiot as pure reaction so then he abuses me.  wtf ?   it really took me awhile to resettle but i didnt stop running.  the run along riverside drive was nice and the weather had held up and the rain had disappeared.  we then turned and headed up a slight hill that takes you onto the mitchell freeway.  this section was on angle and irritated my right knee.  luckily it wasnt too long and i was soon heading down and into the tunnel.  i have only ever driven through the tunnel twice and i thought it would be fun to run through - 1.6k of it.  it was at first and people were yelling and chanting but then it just became hot and smelly.  why do people not put deodorant on before running ?  now i was about half way and still feeling okay.  i felt like i was running at a decent pace and time wise i knew i was in the ball park.  i took a powerbar gel with me so i sucked that down and grabbed some water as i ran by a station.  from here it was up onto the graham farmer freeway and then a loop  and down to the belmont golf course to run along the river and by the burswood casino.  the hill was minor and i took it easy going up and faster coming down.  now i was passed the 10k mark and into some unknown territory.  the next two kilometres were the hardest for me.  not only bodywise - my legs and hip were starting to hurt but it was windy - very windy and hard to breathe.   i just wanted to get away from the river or get some people to run beside me and bock it.  it finally got better as the course turned and we headed towards the causeway.  i knew that when i reached it i was pretty much home.  i started running faster and pacing it out.  once over the bridge the longest 1000m began and without knowing it i swore then that it was taking forever to get to the finish line.  we had to run around the WACA and into the rear entrance and onto the ground.  as we turned i started sprinting and past quite a few people.  figured i was just about there and needed to make up for the slow start.  as i finished a guy came up to me and said that he had ran behind me and practically followed me for the whole race.  should have ran beside me to block that wind.

final result.  net time 1.20.52.  this is just friggin awesome - for me.  to run 14.484 k's and to run it in 1.20.52 is just a bonus.  caught the train home and took a nap.  could stand up without a groan by about tuesday.

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