Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the great escape

i have made the odd reference to work and how i recently changed jobs.  to keep a long story short i changed jobs three years ago and moved into resources.  i had been with the same company for five years and worked my butt off but had an extremely bad lifestyle.  to make the change i had to leave and i decided to get in on the mining boom.  by the way i am an accountant but not your run of the mill pin stripe suits and coke bottle glasses.  i can actually communicate and i think i have a personality.  so the first company i went to was huge but had issues and it was too far from home.  for the next two years i worked for another large and listed company.  the part of the business i was involved in was mainly manufacturing wagons and hoppers for  BHP and RioTinto and maintaining their locomotive fleet.  interesting stuff but the company had probably the worse culture i have experienced.  bullies and arrogant engineers, the GFC and major redundancies. just bad news and extremely depressing. i survived all the changes and managed to be included in their future plans so they were slightly peeved when  i left.  then i come to this job.  away from resources and into an industry that i thought would be fun, rewarding  and still allow me the time for swimming and triathlons.  i am reporting to a role that i should be in and i feel like i have gone back in time to when i first started out.  their systems are so poor and redundant that i just stutter with amazement.  and yet i can make no changes.  i was given a job description that does not resemble what i have been 'allowed' to do.  so i made the call.  and as it turns out another role that i applied for at the same time as this one is still open and after two meetings they offered me the job yesterday and i start next thursday.  being under the three month probation i only have to give a weeks notice.  hallejuah.  there are no guarantees but i have a good feeling and i think karma has led me here.  i see an advert on seek and it is with a recruitment consultant i knew and really liked.  i call and it turns out to be a job i had already applied for.  everything falls into place.  this company is part of a very large group but still has that close knit feel.  the guy who built it up over 15 years and then sold it still manages it.  i am now going to crush things and move earth.  fingers crossed and wish me luck.  i think i have managed to dodge something very bad.   

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