Sunday, May 23, 2010

birthday girl

46 and truly fucking fantastic.  i use to worry about getting older.  it was just depressing.  but since i started this swimming and triathlon adventure i no longer care because most of the time i do not feel any older.  i dont know what 46 is meant to feel like and i guess it is different for everyone.  all i know is that this sport has given me back my energy and belief that anything is possible. 

so in honour of turning 46 i got on my bike and rode 100k.  i liked the idea that i could do it and i wanted to know what it feels like - forward planning for mission half iron.  it was cold and took awhile to warm up but the day was a classic blue sky autumn day and no wind.  i decided to do my 35k lap followed by a 30k lap and a repeat of the 35k lap.  i need to take my nutrition seriously.  all i took was a bottle of water, bottle of powerade and a protein/carb powerbar.  a 100k ride gives you a great deal of time to think.  i thought about the past, about family and about friends.  i write blogs in my head.  but mainly i thought about how happy i was to be able to do what i was doing.  i did think about the future.  i have decided that i am going to plan a trip to hawaii for ironman 2011.  i want to see it.  then i may take a side trip to visit my sister and family in portland.  maybe they will meet up with me in hawaii.  and maybe i will buy my next bike on the trip and spend all my time at the nike outlet store :)  hopefully the aussie dollar will stop its nosedive.  how did the bike ride turn out ?  well my neck and shoulders hurt first, then my feet were friggin cold followed of course by the bum and bits hurting.  the legs - which you think would hurt first - were the last to go.  the last 10k was just plain fucking uncomfortable.  i had to ride 500m past my house to make the bike speedo click over to 100k.  avg 26k 3.5 hours.  room for improvement. and i was STARVING when all done.

since there is just me (excluding great gifts from sister, bil and nephew) i always buy myself a birthday present (or two).  turns out i am very good at it and also very generous. 
i have struggled with a decent pair of goggles since speedo stopped making the opal range.  i ordered these sable goggles from the states and while expensive i LOVE them.  bonus - they look very cool.

the last time i bought a pair of ugg boots was in 1995 after my china trip.  i had forgotten how awesome they are in winter.  but beware.  there are some crappy brands out there but i got the 'ugg australia''ones.  they are the original 30 year old company and not only make the boot but also treat and prepare the leather and wool.   no-one else does that.

and finally (i said i was generous)  i bought the t-hub.  this phone is very cool and i love it.  it is more like a mini computer.  it has access to the internet.  check it out at  it is the first non-triathlon thing i have bought in ages.  i wear the uggies to the pool so they dont count.

happy birthday to me.

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