Thursday, April 29, 2010

state of affairs

god i am tired.  i could take a nap right at my desk and if something interesting doesnt happen i just might.  something bit me on my wrist a week or so ago and it itched, got really red and sore but i thought it had healed.  now it looks like a festering crater that weeps.  i dont think it is a flesh eating bug.  so last night i took some antihistamines and knocked myself out.  i dont think i am still quite ready to be driving or operating machinery  but here i am at work. 

i am trying to formulate a plan for my winter training.  i really want to mix things up but mainly i want to be tested and i dont think training on my own all the time will achieve that.  then i have to fit it in around work,  location and hours of darkness v. light.  i am going to take a day out this week to chill and come up with a plan.  i think my first step along this track will be to swim with a masters group on monday. 

on wednesday i went to a swim workshop held through Recswim by Swimming WA.  it was at bold park in floreat.  a nice 50m heated outdoor pool.  the water had that slightly salt water taste which was great and it was the perfect temp.  the workshop started with a 45 minute talk from an excercise physiologist that was informative and interesting.  then we all got in the pool for some drill sessions and a critique of our stroke.  there were about 8 guys and 5 girls and on this occasion i was the stronger swimmer of the girls (and a couple of the guys) so that was a confidence booster.  i always get so nervous around swimming people because i do not come from a 'swimming background' and they can be just a little intimidating.  most of the drills i knew but it was good reminder that i need to get back to basics.  went through a stroke count series of drills and i use to do this all the time and huge reminder here to strip things back again.  i was a 39 but only managed 41 once and most times i was around 44-45.  so i have work to do.  the instructor is at a senior level within swimming wa and it was a great experience listening to her tips and instructions.  only thing she said to me was that i am coming out of my recovery within the stroke too early and losing power as i stop pushing the water past me too soon.   i think this is happening as i am trying to increase my stroke rate.  so i worked on touching my legs at the end of every stroke and really driving my stroke from the shoulder first with that nice rolling rotation feeling.  my arms are sore - especially the tuckshop lady arm part :).  triceps.  for $10 this workshop was excellent value.  when i left bold park i thought i was heading home but when the indiana teahouse at cottesloe flew past my window i realised i was heading south and not north !!!@!!!!!  and the ocean had moved to the wrong side of the road.  finally made it home around 9.30pm and the starving doggies were happy to see me.

thursday was my first night back at the pool.  i started with a 600m warm up - 200 free 200 pull and 200 backstroke (50 swim/50 kick).  then a pyramid swim of 100/150/200/250/300 10 sec RIB.  some kick drills 50 butt/50 back/50 free/50 lateral.  100 free.  final 100 free/100 breast/ 100 back/ 100 free/ 100 pull/100 breast.  i had cramping toes for the last 600 and was very annoying.  the swim felt good and i was in lane 3 in the middle of the pool so the squads didnt bug me either.  this guy turned up who use to swim quite awhile back.  i swear he spent most of the time hugging the pool wall and probably swam 100m the whole time i was completeing the pyramid section.  and he would do that typical guy thing and take off as i reached the end of the lane, sprint to the end to swim faster than me but then stop for a rest.  macho bullshit.  it was a nice 2.5k swim and again i focused on my recovery and rotation from the shoulder.  i can feel it in the arms again.  any night swim session that is restricted to one hour only i have decided will always aim for 2.5k and build from there.  i need goals.

i went for a job interview on wednesday.  between work and the workshop.  i had spoken to these people before but was offered this role and well that is history.  so the feedback was very positive and i am now just waiting.  waiting.  and waiting.  fingers crossed that i can make the great escape from this nightmare.

i swear if i sleep tonight and adam lamberts song continues to play in my head i will tell him what i want from him.  SHUT UP.  i like adam but enough is enough.

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