Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Please Explain

so triathlon season is over.  much sadness.  autumn is here and i will enjoy it for about a month and then be hanging for summer again.  this posting is all about wtf ? 

firstly i do not get folks who wear cycle gear that has names etc all over it.  if i am ever seen in gear like this then shoot me.  i am not sponsored by anyone so why wear stuff that looks like you are.  the gear is dorky without all the adverts.  yes - the nixs do make your bum look bigger but who cares when it is keeping your bum bones from pain.  fyi - i wear very plain 2xu gear.

my sister and i have been discussing the tv show hoarders.  i save all my powerade containers.  they are great containers - nice size and great screw tops and should be really useful.  i just dont know for what.  i know i am nowhere near the level of the folks on these shows but why am i saving something that was free ?  any suggestions for use welcome.

this is huge and very sad.  powderfinger are breaking up.  this is up there with the break up of cold chisel.  on a global scale it is the equivalent of the rollingstones breaking up.  the best pub band.  brilliant.  my (un)happiness.    my happiness - powderfinger

someone has to explain the bieber factor or what i first thought his name was - beaver lol.  WTF is with the hair.  he cannot sing and he is not that cute AT ALL.  so in view of the generation gap issue i went back and looked at some of the heartthrobs we went nuts over - well my sister did anyway.  i was into real rock :).  sadly it appears we also had bad taste.  you pick.

after the last event i had a week off from running and biking but jumped into the pool for one very easy and relaxed swim.  following week i got back into the running (wow it felt easy), did a session on the trainer (cannot believe the sweat !) and rode 75k on sunday - nice ride.  i tested a new pool and had another easy swim on saturday.  i have to decide what training i will do over winter but the biggest issue i have is my new job.  after only five weeks it is very hard to admit that it was a bad decision.  but i am going to save that story for another posting.


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