Friday, April 9, 2010

karcher the whole world

what a busy easter.  trying to recover from point walter and the stress of starting a new job.  i have come to the conclusion that i need a break from either training or racing.  probably the racing.  it has been an action packed summer and i will see how i feel after the last event this sunday.  easter went like this -

working week - swam 5k (2 sessions), ran 6k.
good friday - bike 40k.  iron clothes (forgot i had some stuff) while watching tv.
saturday - local pool shut.  went to races and watched my brothers horse run second.  won $6.20. spent $17.50 on one beer and a steak burger.  WTF ?  have to pay my wage i guess :).  ran 6k.
sunday - felt like crap so decided to swap this for mondays rest day.  this is the day i discovered the karcher.
easter monday - bike 60k.  i love my karcher.

easter eggs consumed - NIL. 

okay so they say that SAP is germany's revenge on the world (i actually like it) but if this is true then they make up for it with the karcher. everyone should own one.  my only regret is that i bought an entry level model and i want to upgrade straight away !.  the attachments are endless and i want them all.  i karchered the back patio, all the windows, the gutters and then the car.  if i could get the dogs to sit still i would have karchered them.  surely they must have an attachment for that ?  if you are wondering what i am talking about it is a water pressure cleaner and if you own a house this is the tool you cannot live without.  it can even be used to clean the bike (sir lancealot) but i prefer a more delicate method for that.

the wonder tool

so after the weekend of major house work (i am getting my motivation back for this activity) i have struggled in training this week.  hated my swim in tuesday, felt like i was gettting a head cold, ran on wednesday and my HR spiked straight away at 171.  6k time 35.29 with avg HR of 145. thursday i said fuck it  no swim and cooked chilli, lime and coriander prawns (mmmm) and watched some mindless tv.  tomorrow i am looking forward to my saturday swim and then i will get organised for the last event.  bit nervous about using my wetsuit but if i focus on a good solid effort and it is all about the training then i will be okay.

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