Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hillarys TriSeries Sprint Triathlon Race Report

last event of the year and back at hillarys.  the location of my first ever triathlon which i revisited in February - see 2XU Womens Race Report.  previous results were -

feb 2009 - swim 17.10 bike 54.46 run 35.18 total 1.47.14 (good conditions)
feb 2010 - swim 17.36 bike 49.04 run 29.04 total 1.35.46 (blowing a hurricane)

i was tired and had struggled all week with a sore throat and body aches.  i actually thought about not doing it.  rested monday, swam tuesday (really, really hated it), ran 6k wednesday, nothing thursday (!!!), rested friday, swim 3k saturday (this felt okay).  the weather has changed and you could feel it in the air.  the forecast had been for rain during the week but a nice 28 for sunday.  and the wind was not going to be a factor.  had a nap saturday afternoon and tried to chill out. 

race morning was chilly.  i felt okay but not bounding out of my skin.  a nice quick 30 minute drive.  registered and finally the boys have given up the pretty pink race caps for the girls and we were not in the last wave.  chatted with everyone and caught up with silke.  she had gastro and didnt think she would make it.  i gave her some tablets and she said after the race that i saved her bacon.  i was still feeling lack lustre.  race declared a wetsuit swim. 

the water looked calm but was chilly.  the wind had picked up but nothing like last time.  i got my suit on okay.  had a decent warm up.  went off with the pack and got caught up and had to wait a bit for people to clear and then headed off to the side.  remember passing silke and then another arch enemy known as anna.  it was feeling good and it was a quick trip out.  landed on top of the buoy again and the swim to the next one had more swell.  i was passing people.  swim into shore was tougher and the sun was blinding but i sighted off the inner bouys and didnt go off course.  kept swimming till hands touched sand.  i knew it was a good swim.  with or without the wetsuit my breathing was relaxed and when that happens i swim well.  i get why people love to swim in the suits but for me the bonus was not having the breath knocked out of me by the cold.  i am pretty buoyant anyway and my kick is always at the surface.  raced up the sand dune and got the top and sleeves off okay.  at the bike the suit came straight down and over the feet so minimal (if any) time lost.  on the bike and my legs were tired.  i hate that - when it is right from the beginning.  it was windy and just a hard slog.  i watched silke chasing me the whole time and i knew she had gained a fraction.  i always have a better bike so i was dissappointed.  the run felt okay at the beginning and then got worse, then got better, then got worse and i came home strong for the last 300 metres.  silke had passed me.  she is so competitive and i knew she was busting to beat me.  i set my watch for the run and knew that it was a good time.  it may not have felt like it.  overall a good last effort with a tired bod.  i am totally stoked with the swim.  after my first triathlon swim here (horror panic) and then spending the next twelve months working out why my open water swimming sucked.  to come home with this swim and know that it was a quality repeat gives me the confidence to now know that i can do it WELL and swim FAST in open water. 

result - swim 14.46 bike 47.35 run 27.45 time 1.30.08
whoo hoo all you nay sayers
bring on 2010/2011

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