Monday, March 29, 2010

Still A Virgin (Point Walter O.D) Race Report

so this was meant to be the BIG race.  due to the storms and run off into the swan river they cancelled the swim leg.  hence i am still an olympic distance virgin.  without the swim it just isnt the same.  the whole race it felt like something was missing.  it was weird.  instead we began with a 3.5k two lap run course including a nice hill at the end of each lap.  the girls were the very last wave so it was going to look like i was at the back of the pack.  i was also now at a very big disadvantage.  instead of having the added advantage of a decent swim, a good bike leg and then catch me if you can in the run  i was going to be behind from the very beginning.  and who knew whether i could even run 13.5k in one day.  for the first run i paced behind my arch nemisis friend silke.  i knew if i stuck with her i would be tracking for a decent time.  including transition to bike the run was 19.57.  5.42 pace and in 14/18 place.  not disastrous bad .  so i have been riding this bike course for awhile now and i made the decision that for all the hills i would not get out of my seat and climb hard.  instead i got in the right gear and climbed while staying seated.  i needed to save my legs.  i got way ahead of silke and when it was flat, with or without the wind, i worked that section hard and stayed aero as much as possible.  it was a good ride.  the best out of all the training sessions.  including the bike to run transition the time was 1.24.10.  28.51 km per hr pace and in 10/18 place.  i had a few minutes on silke.  when i took off on the run my first thought was that my legs felt okay.  better than normal.  but still i was worried if i could hold out over 10k.  i felt stronger and knew that the training was paying off.  the first lap was okay and i got into a rythmn.  my shoe was too tight and i stopped to pull at the laces and that worked.  then my timing band was too tight so i also stopped to adjust that.  when i ran up the hill at the end of the first lap people called my name.  i was totally surprised.  it felt great to get some encouragement.  it was a couple of girls that i normally competed against in the sprints and silke's friend pip.  awesome.  silke was still behind me and i kept expecting her to pass me but in the second lap it looked like she was struggling.  i wasnt being passed by anyone now and i didnt seem to notice the heat and strong wind the second time around.  i even passed a guy.  i didnt need to stop to drink.  as the end grew near i knew i was going to beat silke and i knew i was doing okay.  i got a bit excited and i think i sped up and then i had to concentrate on getting my breathing back under control.  very weird.  then i caught up with this guy who was run/walk/run/walk etc.  we actually ran and chatted while we ran up that last hill.  hope he didnt slow me down but he did take my mind off the pain.  he was using it as a training session for the half ironman in five weeks.  he needs to train more.  anyway i ran up that hill and across that line and it was just friggin fantastic.  i could not believe i did it and that i did it in a decent time.  final run was 56.37.  that is 5.39 pace.  WTF !!!!!!!  that is just amazing - FOR ME.  over 10 friggin kilometres.  in 14/18 place for the 10k run with an overall time of 2.40.44 and 12/18 age group place overall.  gender position overall was 54/74.  beat quite a few guys but i dont have those stats.  and i was ahead of silke at every stage.  everyone mentioned at the end of the race that i looked strong in the run.  pip said i must be stoked with the race and i was but i was also in shock as i never expected such a positive result.  then to top it off i win more free shit during the spot prize draws - a really cool backpack.  i am still trying to digest just how well the bike and the final run went.  my legs are sore and i am tired.  started the new job today and that was an added stress level.   

so i have one more sprint race for the season at hillarys.  not sure if i will do a final race after that at the power station. maybe i should as it was the first race of the season.  and i will get to use my wetsuit at least twice this year.  maybe end the year where it all began.  for me i am yet to complete an olympic distance triathlon.  but i am starting to really believe that i can do it.  seriously it was friggin fantastic result.  whoot whoooo.

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