Sunday, March 7, 2010

jedi report 7/03/10

Monday - it is a public holiday but i have to go into work because i am a responsible person (even though i quit) and it is month end and it isnt a public holiday in sydney. i will however take next monday in lieu and i will arrive late and leave early :). still on a high after yesterdays great result at the 2xu.

Tuesday - work was weird. everyone (but me) is unhappy. swam 2.6km. nice endurance recovery swim.

Wednesday - up at 5.30am and rode 25.5km on bike in very misty and humid conditions. had to slow down to shoo a kangaroo off the road. very cute but very unpredictable. ran 8.5km after work. i didnt time it as i was just aiming for easy and relaxed but it took about 50 mins. again i was surprised how good i felt in the last 3km and no knee pain at all. picking up for those feet worked. have ordered a heap of books from amazon on running and can hardly wait till they arrive. i love parcels. also got my roadid in the mail and it is cool. the plot thickens on lost.

Thursday - another ride of 25.5km avg 27.5 with a wind factor. felt good. no mist and no roos. i have been naughty on the internet again and ordered a cycleops indoor fluid trainer for sirlancealot. it includes a mat, dvd, sweat cover and block. total cost in Oz approx $820. from (including shipping) $438. this is going to be so cool. now i have to clear out my furniture and make way for an indoor gym - who needs furniture. swam 2.1km. some drills and some intensity. legs were tired so saving some energy for enduro event on saturday. slept well.

Friday - work. rest. sleep.

Saturday - see enduro race report.

Sunday - i didnt want to but something in my brain made me do it. i got up at 4.30 am and drove to point walter for a brick session. i didnt think i was going to do it and surprised myself coming in for the 40k ride just a minute over what i normally do. i would have tried to do a third lap but the saddle was hurting the bum bones. i then ran a slow 5k with a sprint up the hill at the end. i was truly knackered and had stingy eyes with the salt from my skin annoying them. dropt the blades i sold on ebay off on the way home and then after some seriously packed toasted sangas i napped. then i napped again. managed to finally get up and do some chores and say hello to the doggies. i think i then napped. day off tomorrow. note to self - start taking camera places for pics to post on blog.

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