Monday, March 22, 2010

jedi (leave) report 21/03/10

no report for last week.  it was a ho-hum week that was all about getting to friday and a weeks holiday :).

monday - up early and off to rockingham to get new boots for the car.  back and finally got motivated to clean and polish the car.  took me all afternoon but a clean car is pretty nice.  rest day from training.

tuesday - i have no plans for this week other than training and this may explain why i am feeling disconnected.  i love plans.  i hate riding with traffic and since daylight is now longer in coming this is an issue. to avoid traffic i didnt leave until 8.30am (after work and school traffic) and instead of usual route i decided to ride out to gnangara rd and back down to vale.  it is 15k circuit with a pretty good head wind and a long climb.  took me about an hour for two laps avg. 27.5.  so then one thing i really wanted to do was de-clutter this house.  instead i got in the car and drove to midland and bought a weight bench with leg extensions.  hehehe.  then i raced home and headed to the pool.  swim plan was a focus on technique and was as follows -
Warm -Up 400 IM (swap free for b/fly)
Main - 10x50 alternate free/choice drill each 50
400 kick (200 with board, 200 without)
400 pull (200 free, 200 free with paddles)
5x100 kick - f/br/bk/df/f with finz
5x100 pull - f/br/bk/f/br
CoolDown - 300 free
Spent the afternoon setting up the gym and then did a mini intro workout.

wednesday -  so i have decided i quite like sleeping in until 7am.  i got back to the de-clutter the house project.  went to the pool and the plan this time was to focus on some threshold work.  this workout was given to me and i quite like it.
Warm-Up 200m each free, non-free, pull
400 pull with paddles
3 x 300 free - descending
10 x 100 odd easy non-free, even hard free 
CoolDown - 200 IM 

later in the day i took my heart rate monitor for a run.  now i have read some on using this nifty tool and need to format something more solid.  but i was curious and set it with the standard age heart rate and then ran 8.5k.  results were - time taken 53.18 minutes, 132 Average, 156 Max.

thursday - i am peeved off today.  yesterday i made the stupid decision to firstly clean my blinds and secondly slightly change my running style to focus more on the balls of my feet rather than my heels.  getting the blinds down tweaked a muscle in my shoulder and my calves are sore from yesterdays run.  dumb.  the only time i hurt myself is cleaning or gardening so i will not be doing that anymore !  went for a swim and managed 2.5k.  switched half way to focus on the kick because it just isnt worth it.  then i had a bike ride planned but the wind was probably as bad as it gets.  my heart wasnt in it so i took time out and watched a movie.  and sulked.

friday - rejuvenated today.  up at 7am and rode my circuit but made it a bit different.  it was designed to avoid all traffic and it was great.  no cars but my local neighbourhood roos.  43.5k 28 avg.  this made me happy.  then i went shopping.  no swim today.  i was hoping for a run but no chance.  the swimming championships are on for delhi and pan pacs so i started watching that in the afo.  and what i noticed and loved about it is that everyone wears the same suits.  guys in above knee swimmers and girls with normal speedo top and above knee pant.  it was strange seeing them walk around in normal swimmers for warm-up.  FINA really fucked up but have got it right again.  it is all about the swimming.  highlights so far was skippy winning the 50m fly after coming back from being a biggest loser contender - just about anyway.  he retired and ate his way to 50 kilo of extra weight.  then there is eamon.  aside from the fact he is from perth, he is hot and he can swim and he can also cook (he won masterchef ).  and then he is hot.  the commentary was excellent.  talked about eamons power to weight ratio.  he weighs 78 kilo and beats guys (french dude) who has the wing span of a plane and weighs 98 kilos.  the secret is that if eamon has the power it is easier to drag 78 kilos through the water than 98 kilos.  interesting.   watched biggest loser masterclass as craig alexander was a guest motivator.  even the trainers were in awe.

saturday - back in the pool for my usual saturday morning swim.  after a bit of rest my shoulder felt about 90%.  swim was hard but felt good.
Warm-Up 400 FS Alt 100's swim/kick/pull/swim
8x50 kick with finz
8x25 FS max 10sec RIB
100 choice easy
Main Set
4x200 FS 80%
100 choice easy
4x100 FS 80%
100 choice easy
4x50 FS max
100 choice easy
CoolDown - 200 IM

then it was off to purchase the bar for my weight bench and take FAT casey to the vet for her booster shots.  dr steve wasnt busy and loves a chat.  then it was back home to de-clutter more, take the bike to the local bike shop to get an upgrade on the computer.  i now want cadence.  more swimming championships whilst cleaning.  picked bike up and then mowed the lawn back and front.  didnt have the energy for whipper snipping the edges.  tried to go for a run but the smart part of my brain won out.  back home for a wonderful soak in the tub with some epsom salts, lush bath bomb and a glass of wine.  in bed by 9pm.  wild times.

sunday- up at 5am.  off to point walter and a 3 lap 60k ride.  taking more energy to be motivated.  the weather was okay with a bit of a head wind.  results were 62k, 26 avg, 2.24 time.  really peeved that the cadence didnt register. i will have to get shop guy to check unless i can bothered reading the manual.  the plan was to run 5k after the bike but i was rooted.  i also planned to take the westuit for a swim so i headed off to leightons.  and what a good decision.  the water was flat and the weather warm.  all the nippers were out training and since most of the successful triathletes in australia grew up as nippers then this is a great thing to get your kid into.   so i got the suit on okay although it still freaks me out all the pulling and puffing.  easy enough to get off.  swam about 1k with a bit of chaffin at the neck so will use some glide.  then the other shoulder felt weird and i think the sleeve was a bit twisted.  will take it for another swim next saturday at sorrento.  home and rested.  short run of 2.5k before dinner and an early night.  legs were okay but decided not to push a 6k run. have an 8am massage appointment tomorrow (before work) and it is going to be good in a painful way.

total distance for week - swim 12.5k, bike 135.5k, run 11k. now for a week of taper.


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