Friday, March 26, 2010

Hand of Fate

the plan this year never included an olympic distance event.  i thought a year of doing alot of races at sprint level would be a good base.  then next year i would move up to an o.d. event.  well it seems my original plan  is what i am meant to do.  on monday we had a massive storm and homes were damaged, a huge hail storm with hundreds of cars now looking like they were in war zone and windows totally smashed.  we had not seen rain since november and it poured down.  it came lapping at my back door as it just couldnt drain away fast enough with the ground being so dry.  the swim for the event is in the swan river - close to the river/ocean opening but still impacted by run-off which the health department has deemed as a risk until tuesday.  bloody nora.  so it will be a run - bike - run.  the first run will be based on the average time it would take to complete the swim so i am guessing 5k.  i am sad but not as sad if this had been my number one A race that i had been working towards all year.  i only decided eight weeks ago that i thought i would be able to give it a go.  i will still get to test my fitness and in ways that i just dont know how i will go - i have never ran then jumped on the bike and then gone for another run ?  i am never tired after the swim leg so will the legs hold up especially since i have always been worried about the last 5k anyway ?  i love the challenge of the swim.  boo hoo.  and i have the new wetty and all.

i have one hour left at this place of misery called UGL.  i have been here two years and people have not even bothered to say goodbye.  after the storm on monday i had to sit in an office for two days with soaking wet stinking carpet. i have felt tired and feverish all week.  like fighting off the flu.  i swam tuesday 2k and it was a struggle.  ran 5k wednesday and that felt good.  first 2.5 was a  warm-up then ran 2.5 in 12.52.  i felt strong and the calves held up.  thursday i canned the swim and rode 30k at 29 avg.  that felt good too although one pedal has loosened and my shoe was moving around.  bike shop dude must of done something as it was the same sunday and i forgot to fix it.  now i am just waiting to go home to either crash on the sofa or clean.  i baked morning tea for this miserable lot and i dont know why.  had lunch with gweeds to celebrate my freedom from the depths of misery.  i have really wanted to sleep this week.  the kinda tired when you just dont want to open your eyes.  even though you dont think it or feel it the stress of changing jobs is very much real and can be quite significant. while i dont feel stressed it is there - in the background. and probably impacting my sleep.  i havent been dreaming about the race which was/is a good sign. 

tomorrow i will have a nice relaxing swim at the pool and take a 30 minute bike ride to stretch the legs and check all is in working order.  after that it is make like a couch potatoe. 

i know as soon as i walk out the door i am going to start feeling better.  a new chapter.

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