Wednesday, March 17, 2010

50 Tips for A Fast 2010

i read this in a pommy tri magazine and it really appealed to me so i have listed it and hope it helps other people while staying as a reminder to me.

1. cut out the booze.  boohoo no more wine :).  it seems it impacts your liver which can prevent you from hydrating to your max potential.
2. learn to repair your bike.  my plan is to be best mates with the lbs owner.
3. take one recovery week in every four of hard training.  to be honest i think the body actually tells you this or is it just me ?
4. get an aero helmet.  you will know i am serious when i start wearing one of these.
5. keep a training diary.  looking for a method that works for me.
6. get off the treadmill and out the door.  luckily the weather here is great and i dont own a treadmill - yet. i also hate gyms.
7. try training with a power meter. when i win lotto.
8. make a race plan for 2010.  hard when our season is just about over.  however i am making a winter training plan.
9. mentor someone trying their first triathlon.  this would be fun.
10. use a swim snorkel.  although the number one issue with most swimmers is breathing this highlights any other weakness and identifies which side - left or right.  it is on my shopping list.
11. try out a tri club.  i have thought about this many times because i believe the guidance, encouragement and motivation will be invaluable.  however i will have to give up 4-5 hours in travel time per week.
12. get a bike fit.  this is a priority for me but hard to do because at this stage i am not sure who to trust.
13. learn to tumble turn.  swimsmooth recently had a great blog about this.  i believe that as long as you streamline at every turn then tumbleturns are not essential.  unless you are trying out for the olympics.
14. cut out one vice.  okay well the booze was number one so what else is left.  diet coke ?
15. drink more green tea.  i wish i could but i have never drunk tea or coffee.
16. analyse your race performances.  i always look at this info but with my accountant retentive tendencies this requires that i set it up in a perfect spreadsheet.
17. get more sleep.  i like this one and should go to bed right now.
18. get a wind resistant winter soft-shell cycle top.  if i ever move to the uk then i am sure this will be essential.
19.  find a swim training buddy. this i need.  someone to get my butt moving in the pool.  i have been swimming alone for two years and it is amazing i have stayed motivated.  like i said - it is all about the swimming.
20. drink milk after hard sessions.  good stuff.  carbs and protein.  just add a banana, strawberries and some sustagen. mmmmm.
21. upgrade one part of your bike.  need that lotto win again.
22. organise your own group training sessions with friends.  this would be so competitive.
23. swap training with a mate for a week.  doing something new or different would be interesting but i think i would end up doing less.
24. do your run training with a gps watch.  this is on my shopping list.  i want my garmin.
25. check protein intake.  i generally follow the csiro diet which has a high protein component so i think i am okay.
26. download a bike route.  keep boredom at bay.
27. eat foods high in nitrates.  beetroot juice.  a sandwich or burger is not complete without beetroot.  but the juice ?
28. ride a sportive.  will have to move to france or italy for this but  why not ?  they have wine there right !
29. go hairy.  i dont think so but apparently leg hair cools you down or can warm you up and is natures natural leg warmers. 
30. clean your bike more.  i do this.  love a shiny clean bike.
31. race abroad.  this is a most definite plan.  where and when ?  maybe phuket.  also planning on a goldcoast trip.  either noosa or mulloolaba.
32. improve your transitions.  i have come to the realisation that you need to train for these just as much as everything else.
33. enter an ironman.  this will happen but not in 2010.
34. go on a training camp. this would be friggin awesome.
35.  race for great britian.  when hell freees over.  but since i am also a british citizen who knows.  no friggn way - aussie all the way.
36. race cycle time trials.  they have a group in perth that arranges local road time trials.  add to list of things to do.
37. eat something within one hour of training.  refer number 20.
38. learn to fix a puncture quicker.  dont know about quicker.  i think i need to practice just fixing it.  i havent fixed one since i was a kid and you burnt a patch onto the tube.  current plan is to call a taxi but i guess that will not work in a race.
39.  get a coach. i really want to do this.  not for a long time - just long enough to get the intensity and quality at the right level.  feedback.
40. strengthen your core.  not only does this look good but it helps everything.
41. reflect on the year.  in another 3 weeks when it is over then i will.
42. get an underwater swim video of yourself.  i did this at swimsmooth and it was worth every friggin penny and i cannot recommend it enough.  you will be surprised.
43. subscribe to triathlon plus.  even though it is a pommy magazine i really like it.
44. focus on your weakness.  running.  after tri season ends i have three races lined up.  i plan to join the local marathon club and follow the run less, run faster plan.  and continue to accept that running is a serious sport.
45. talk to yourself.  this is okay as long as you do not answer back.  use your inner coach.
46. run hill sprints.  see 44.
47. select your races carefully.  this year i raced everything that was on offer.  i will have a different focus next year.
48. improve your pedaling technique.  hopefully my new cycleops fluid trainer will assist over winter with this.
49. bring out the swim toys.  i have all these (except snorkel - see 10).  favourite toy is my finis paddles.  these are not to build strong shoulders but improve your stroke technique.  and they work - if you use them incorrectly they come off in the water.
50. run a 5k series.  will have to google the local clubs and see what is on offer.

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