Sunday, February 7, 2010

jedi report 7/02/10

this is the first weekly blog that sums up my week. to start i have to state that i hate my fucking job. now i feel bad about this because some people do not have a job. but i really hate mine. i have never hated a job more than this one. i dont like the people - i have nothing in common with any of them. i hate the building. i hate that i dont get to do any of the things i enjoy and i have no control over anything. the only thing i like is that it is 30 minutes from home and making me feel even worse - it pays well. i know i shouldnt complain but yes you guessed it - i REALLY hate it.

training went well this week. really well. i had been struggling to know where i was going with it all. one thing i always come across is that clocking up the hours is no replacement for quality sessions. a big mistake made by people training for endurance sports is to just put the hours in without any quality to the workouts. perfect example is my running - i was constantly training myself to run 6 minute kms. so i backed off the distance and ramped up the effort and had a GREAT week. missed one 25 km bike ride and resistance training session.

Tuesday - No bike. Swim 2.2 km. felt GREAT. stuck to REC Swim Program.
Wednesday - No RT. Run 6km. decided that i needed to see if i could run fast. First 2.5km 13.02 (5.12 kms), 3.5km 19.59 (5.42 km). this was HUGE. both runs proved i can run well under 6 minutes.
Thursday - No bike. Swim 2.5km. again a great swim and i stuck to the interval times.
Friday - made up for one missed AM bike. 25km at 28.5 AVG. this was a great speed but need to note wind conditions were perfect. Run 6km. a blistering 12.49 for 2.5 km (5.07 pace) and slightly slower 20.32 for 3.5km (5.52 pace). this is very encouraging and shows what you can do when you push it. seven seconds away.
Saturday - Swim 3km. again a GREAT swim. felt fantastic the whole time and i have my mojo back. nice endurance and sprint session.
Sunday - Bike 40km Run 5km. this is my big training session for the week and the point walter od event. it is the actual course. up at 4.30am to drive 45 minutes to site. it had been raining. headed off anyway and was very glad i did. rode the course and loved the hillwork. could have gone faster but as a prelude i did okay. 26 AVG. 1:32 time. run felt okay and my legs were pretty good. i think it was around 30 minutes and will remember to set stopwatch. the brick work is making me fitter.

other happenings is that i made my second last biggest triathlon purchase. was meant to be the last but have now decided that i will really need an indoor trainer come winter :). anyway i got my first ever wetsuit. or to be more specific i got a wetzoot. the budget was $400 and of course when i get to the shop my best option is the expensive one. zoot zenith wetsuit rrp was $799 and on sale for $499. guy at store met me half way at $450. got it from a local store ''total triathlon'' and the guy knew his stuff. i have this thing lately about supporting local small business (within reason). i have to practice getting it on and will go to the beach next sunday to test it out before end of month when i will wear it in womens sprint tri. i was excited about this next step.

last thought for the week is that i am tired of feeling guilty about the lack of housework that is getting done. i am amazed though at how much time i have saved by not doing it. the house is not dirty - it can just get a bit dusty and untidy. the garden is fine and i mowed the back lawn this afternoon. i just have to let the angst go. i have planned two weeks of no workouts at the end of tri season and i will make up for it then. the dusting and crap doesnt bother me as much as the general maintenance. i need to repaint and patch walls etc etc.

p.s. the pic is tonights sunset.

p.s.s. watched inglorious basterds and LOVED it. also sisters keeper. i am not a jodi picoult fan and this movie was made even worse since they left the best part of the book out of it - the same ending. and dont ever watch the ugly truth - i could have written the script.

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