Sunday, February 28, 2010

jedi report 28/02/10

Monday - my finance manager at work is made redundant.

Tuesday - i dream of being made redundant. had a sucky swim.

Wednesday - i had a job interview and it went well. second interview for other role will be next tuesday. worried now as to which job is best and the logistics of which one i could get and not accept v. not getting and losing both. visit from sydney gurus cancelled. bodes well for redundancy. Run 6km. 2.5k 13.41 = 5.28 3.5k 21.03 = 6.00. in my defense it was 40 degree heat.

Thursday - i will not be made redundant. visit from only one sydney boss and he didnt come bearing good news. i do not trust any of them. and the things i could write about but it will all be irrelevant soon. swim 2.5km and it was excellent. girl that also competes in triathlon showed up and i spent the session lapping her and it felt good.

Friday - wanted to get up for a ride but had a crap night. it never got below 25 degrees and even the doggies slept outside. BIG FRIGGIN NEWS. i have a job offer. Woot Whoo !!!!!!!! i am now staring at my phone waiting to hear back that i can hand in my notice that i have nicely typed up and signed. and there is none of the words that sound like regretfully or thank you or opportunity blah blah blah. seriously i am staring at my computer (typing this really) but i cannot focus and just want it to be over. i have 25 minutes until people start leaving and i hope one of them isnt the boss man. it wasnt and i hand in my notice. he tells me to think about it over the weekend and i will but not in the way he thinks. ha.

Saturday - still in shock over new job. WOW. have a casual and relaxed swim. foxtel man comes and installs IQ which is awesome. have a nap and then go register for triathlon tomorrow. it is stinking hot and very WINDY. go for a short ride late afternoon. try to sleep.
Sunday - see race report. whhhooo hooo.

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