Sunday, February 21, 2010

jedi report 21/02/10

the big news this week - i had a job interview. hallelujah. perfect location and role is more like what i want. fingers crossed that they are a good company with fun people. after the interview i had all these horrible thoughts go through my head about what i should and shouldnt have said. i really crucified myself. they came back and said that i am up for a second interview but the date and time hasnt been confirmed and that is a little strange. i also had a call regarding another job. it is less money but in a really good industry so who knows.
okay more importantly triathlon news. the training went like this -
Monday - Rest Day
Tuesday - 2.2 km swim. i am sticking to the intervals from recswim and getting the heart rate up and it seems to be getting the motivation going.
Wednesday - 6km run. 2.5k 12.42 (5.04) this is very good. 3.5k 22.19 (6.22) this is very bad and it felt very bad.
Thursday - AM 25.5km bike ride. back to my usual circuit. 28.5 AVG. 53.35 time. PM. 2.5km swim. i have my 100's consistently just under 1.45 and i am getting down to three bilateral which is the ultimate goal.
Friday - 8.5km run. i need to increase the distance and it has been awhile since my last failed repeat effort. the first 2.5k was okay. 14.34 (5.49). half way through the 3.5k my knee started to hurt. quite bad so i walked maybe 20 metres. i was really pissed as i had been enjoying it. then i started to run again and instead of doing the marathon shuffle i picked up my feet. the pain went away. a revelation !! considering i walked a bit the time was okay. 22.15 (6.21). the second 2.5k i felt like i could run forever. it was very strange as i have never felt like that before. and considering i had already run 6k the time was good. 15.10 (6.04). total time 50.59.
Saturday - 3km swim. i love saturday swimming.
Sunday - Point Walter Brick. Bike 41.3km 26 AVG 1.35 time. exactly that same as last week. i was tired and it felt like work but i can feel my legs are getting stronger. the 5k run felt GREAT. i made sure i was picking up my feet as well. no more shuffle. the last 2.5k i was probably the strongest i have ever felt after a ride. 28.33 (5.42).
Total Swim 7.7 km Bike 66.8 km Run 14.5 km
after my swim on saturday i drove into the city and had the luxury of getting a shampoo/cut/blowdry. it was fabulous. walked around the city as it has been ages since i have been there. hard not to spend money - so many wonderful shops. i did go into lush and i did buy some bath bombs and my favourite fresh facemask. my stocks are low. home by lunch and food shopping. i hate food shopping. then i cleaned the house, washed the clothes, mopped the floor and died on the sofa with a glass of wine. after my trip to point walter on sunday i was back home by 9 am and into the garden. i pruned the back, swept, tidied up and mowed the lawn. i then went out the front and weeded and mowed the lawn and fertilised. i was knackered. managed to cook and have a well deserved glass of wine before falling asleep. feels good to have a tidy home.

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