Sunday, February 14, 2010

jedi report 14/2/10

i was tired this week which was a bit of a problem since i had a race on saturday. i need quality sleep and that means no wine. which is bad. very bad. so my training went as such -

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - swim 2.2km sprints and interval

Wednesday - 6 km. 2.5 km 12.54 (5.09) 3.5km 20.04 (5.44). happy with the 3.5km time and i am able to repeat effort.

Thursday - swim 2.2km sprints

Friday - SFA

Saturday - Cottesloe Triathlon (see race report)

Sunday - Point Walter 41.30km bike 1.35.44 26 AVG, 5km run (28.21) and wetsuit test at Leighton Beach. i get the buoyancy factor now. it felt weird but good. i managed to get it on and off okay even though it was 30 in the shade by then. after the triathlon yesterday this brick was a huge effort but worth it. the day warmed up to be 37 so i spent it in front of the tv.

i am now thinking of setting up a training log so i have comparison and tracking data.

the MAJOR highlight of the week was the return of LOST. what a great show. it gets better and better and the writers are twisted. i love how it is all coming together. i refuse to watch the shows that have an issue that get resolved every episode. all those stupid crime shows. BORING. i am just really pissed that heroes series 4 came back on and i didnt know as they moved it to a new digital channel. now i will have to wait till the dvd arrives on our shores. the other program that i take the time to watch is 24 (i have missed the last couple of series i think - but jack is back and he can do anything). then i will fess up to watching american idol. need something to tune the brain out. i did watch revolutionary road which was excellent. well written with talented actors.

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