Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cottesloe Ocean Adventure (Sprint Triathlon)

i had a choice between this event or the tri-series third race at hillarys. but since the women's triathlon and the final race of the year is at hillarys i chose this one and i am so very glad i did. this was an inaugural event and needed supporting. it was a massive effort by the organisers to get the road closures approved but since it is also a celebration of 100 years of cottesloe surf life saving the council was happy to do it. this is the location of the wake held for heath ledger. the conditions were perfect - calm water and a warm day. i was entered in the sprint - 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run. they also had a fun event and an ocean adventure - a 1km swim, 20km bike, 3km paddle and 6km run. i was in the last wave and they really held us back so most of the fun competitors were done. i love swimming here. the water was fresh but not cold. quite a few people were wearing wetsuits but i am glad i didnt bother. i started out the back and began slow and worked my way into it very quickly. i was stoked. i was relaxed and focused on my breathing. i put some effort in and passed quite a few people. woot ! i was actually sad when it was over. it was then a 30m run up the beach and a climb up 20 or so steps. so my time was 17.30 but this included the run and steps as the first timing mat was at the entrance to transition. so i think my time was at most 16 mins. the pics above show the groyne where we started, we then swam past the famous pylon (it is constantly getting re-painted by rival surf clubs) did a turn around at buoys (no longer there) to swim back to the pylon and a left turn to shore. then i dont know what happened to my brain in transition because i am normally super quick but i fluffed around and someones bike near mine fell off the rack and i hope it wasnt me. then at the mount line i had the pedal in the wrong position and it took me forever to get my feet organised. the guy at the line thought i was a nutter. the bike course was straight up and down marine parade with a side detour up avonmore tce and back down. it was advertised as a small hill but tell that to my legs. the first time it caught me by surprise and i paid for it with the wrong gear. the downhill part was short but a little hair raising. i slogged it out on the bike and it felt like hard work and i thought i was having a bad ride. a few weekend warrior cyclists kept coming on the course and that was kinda annoying. but as it turns out i was 3rd in age group and 13th in gender in a time of 43.36 AVG 27.5. so i was just a little happy with that. got into the run okay but took a slight wrong turn that maybe lost me 10 seconds. i said my transition sucked. the run was straight along marine tce cycle/walk path and up to the memorial and back. it had hills. they felt like hills but were more like little mounds. i didnt think i had a decent pace but i was comforted in the fact that very few people passed me. i then thought that maybe there were not many people left to pass me. the good news is that i ran under 6minute kms again - 29.29. but only just at 5.53. the bad news is that i was the slowest in my age group and way back in the field overall. final story was 5th in age group and 22nd in gender. but some more good news is that i checked the hillarys race the next day and saw that all my arch nemesis buddies did same distance in similar course (other than no hills at all) and posted much slower times ! total time 1.30.36. this was a great course and i loved the whole experience. i will be back.

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