Sunday, February 28, 2010

2XU Womens Sprint Triathlon Race Report

well this was the one that began it all twelve months ago. so before i go into the race details these are my stats from last year - taking into account that it was perfect race conditions eg: no swell, NO wind and 29-30 degrees. 750 swim, 21km bike, 5km run.

Total Competitors 253 My Position 234 (no DFL :))

Total Age Group 26 My Position 24 (still no DFL:))

Swim 17.10 Bike 54.46 Run 35.18

Total Time 1.47.14

last year this was my first ever triathlon after completing the 8 week training course at challenge stadium. i had been nervous but okay about the swim, had my trusty $400 mountain bike and knew the run was going to hurt. i just about choked at the beginning of the swim and had this mad crazy panic attack. the only thing that saved me was all the swim training i had been doing, the decision to do breast stroke and ego. i would rather drown than flunk out in the swim. i remember getting to the first buoy and thinking that things might be okay. i also remember the dark, deep water and how far out we had to swim and it was freaky. during the bike i was upset about the swim but did my own thing. in the run i kept beth company as she had come off in the bike (gravel embedded bloody knees) and we managed to keep each other running. so since this experience i have struggled with my open water swimming and had a fear of this course. but this just shows you what experience and getting right back on that horse can do. so here is what happened a year later.

i was probably less nervous than i thought i would be. could have done with more sleep but the weather had been crazy 40 degree heat and tough to sleep in that. but no thunder storms this time - just full on wind. the weather news later said 21mph e/n/e. it was easterly going out over the ocean so it looked calm but the bike ride would have cross winds and no advantage either way. a flat course that was going to be hard work. it was really blowing. it was going to heat up to 35 degree. 1000 women were racing in three distances. i was in the very last wave so at least most of the novice etc would be off the course by the time we got out there. had to wait over an hour before we started so caught up with arch nemesis buddy silke and her friend pip (who i raced last week at cottesloe). elizabeth hasnt been seen since the od event at langley so she maybe injured. saw beth from last year but she has gone weird - some issue about getting beaten by an old chick me thinks. beth is in 30-34 age group. guess i would be peeved about that too. so i sit and chat to this other really nice girl and then another as we line up for our wave. i had been out for a swim and the water was perfect and i actually felt pretty good. i prefer deep water starts but this went okay. i started okay and was amongst the pack but i am getting used to this. however i did get a kick in the face but not enough to hurt and i thought okay well i have heard about that happening and just kept going. past the kicker anyway. i could not believe how okay i felt. a swimmer next to me got my heart rate up and i really had to concentrate and keep relaxed and it WORKED. i also remember thinking that it wasnt that deep or dark that far out ?? i cannot explain how good this felt, in this race and at this location. i get to the first buoy and then wham - the waves hit. i have to mention here that my sighting was spot on. when i got to the first buoy i was so close that i practically swam under it and the bonus of this was i passed half a dozen girls as i scooted around it. anyway as luck would have it my favourite side is to the left and as the wind was onshore (?) or blowing out to sea i could swim without getting a mouth full of water. (i wonder how i would go if i lived on the east coast ?). i saw one girl getting hauled into the rescue boat. the distance across to the next buoy was only about 150m and then as you turned you really knew what open water swimming was all about. this was tough swimming into the chop. i had to concentrate and work so hard and i felt like i wasnt even going forward. i also tried to draft but i would keep passing them. i also got water up the nose and in the mouth a few times. i was getting really pissed off. here i was feeling great, swimming beautifully and the friggin conditions were beating me. so i really kicked the arms and legs into action and the shore started to get closer. then the waves got smaller and i got faster. i knew as soon as i got out of the water what it feels like to be at the front of the pack. i couldnt believe it. it felt awesome. the time wasnt that great but in the conditions it probably was. and i wasnt even tired. i am stoked and no matter what else happens i have had a fantastic race. but for the first time ever i am hanging out for the run. the bike was horrible. the crosswinds were dangerous. you couldnt use the aerobars as the winds would come from nowhere and really knock you around. going around one roundabout was a nightmare and the first time i have ever been a little freaked out. hills are easier. i saw silke and i had a good distance between us. i knew then my swim was good. i was out with people i had never been close to but i had to work my butt off to not let them get away. finally got to the run and my legs were tired. i managed to eat a gel and hoped it would keep me going. i should have taken the water bottle as my lips were so dry and the first station was 1km away. it took till the 2.5km for my legs to feel okay. a few girls passed me but i then caught up with them and took it back. it was windy and hot and at one point i felt great and another i thought i was going to bonk. i passed beth and didnt look back. i finally had a good lead and was able to back it up with an okay run. silke saw me so far ahead that she got motivated and passed me just before the finish and one place in front of me by 5 seconds. she said that it was only me that made her do it. i am a little disappointed at myself for not fighting back hard but then again it is a nice compliment.

taking into account the conditions then the final result was outstanding. i had planned on being under 1.30 but not much you can do about the wind and it was truly hellish so till next year !!! i was competitive and finished in front of people that i have been chasing all year. i cannot explain how good that feels. the swim was truly amazing. still need to work at the run but i am consistently running under 30 minutes. silke's run was a blistering 27.44. so the end result -

Total Competitors 276 My Position 95
Total Age Group 25 My Position 8
Swim 17.36 Bike 49.04 Run 29.04

Total Time 1.35.46

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