Sunday, January 3, 2010

Open Water Swim Leighton Beach

this is part of my plan to resolve my swim issues. by swimming in the open water as much as possible. since i do not have a training partner and all the wise people warn that you must never swim alone i need to enter events. luckily they are cheap. so this is race 4 of the 5 race series. i know leighton beach well having grown up swimming there (although i remember big, massive waves but that may have been because i was 2 or 3 foot tall). and jesse (my first golden retriever) and i spent many hours relaxing slightly further up at the dog beach. to be honest i woke up and seriously thought about not going. i had the fear back and again said to myself that it was good i had the fear because then i could overcome it. there is nothing in particular that i am fearful of - maybe and probably failure. i think about sharks but not when i am swimming. besides no one has ever been eaten swimming in an open water event or a triathlon so i dont worry about it a lot. i get in the car go. it is hot already and there is no wind so it should be perfect. i should be excited. i see the buoys driving in and it looks a long way and they look like they are miles out. it is calm with a bit of swell but nothing major. a lot more people have turned out for this event even though there is no 10km. the course is rectangle with the first leg close to the shore then heading out. it is 1.25 loop. so i am sitting there getting a bit nervous so i decide to go for a swim. it is actually quite warm and i feel like i need to cool off. the water is chilly at first but then just perfect. i have a bit of a swim and feel good. the race is deep water and we are to start with the 2.5km folks. i get out and try to relax. i change caps and goggles and get ready to swim out for the start. i feel okay. i am out the back of the big crowd and we have two minutes to go. i practice my floating skills. i am 10m from the start buoys when the horn sounds. and i start swimming. freestyle. slow to begin with but i keep going and never look back. i am relaxed and enjoyed it. bumped into a few people who crossed my path and i need to work on my direction skills - i think i go off course when breathing to non favourite right side. and maybe control my sighting more but overall a fun swim. now i am pretty happy i got out of bed. time wasnt much faster than at champion lakes but i think that was impacted by the swell. it was harder work when we had to head out to deeper waters. i did see the lead 5km guys come past. it was like they had flippers on. now i am really looking forward to the next swim. i am getting better and that is what it is all about. 29.13m.

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