Thursday, January 28, 2010

Australia Day (Point Walter) Triathlon 2010

i have raced this course before and i like it because it is the most technical course we have. hills everywhere - in the run, the bike and even the swim (you run 500m up hill to transition). although i had a terrible nights sleep due to feral family next door and the weather being either hot or hotter i felt okay because i am getting the afternoon nana nap technique down pat. up at 4.15am and ready to go. no wind and weather warm. got a good parking spot. this is crucial. met up with my arch nemesis buddies elizabeth and silke. got a good spot in transition and then pretty much just relaxed and chatted. then i spotted the bitch. last year during the 8 week training course at challenge i chatted to this girl (now known as the bitch) at the very first bike session. i was nervous being new and everything and standing next to my $400 mountain bike. so it was nice to talk and she said she had completed the course last year but missed out on the actual triathlon due to work. i commiserated with her. we also talked about swimming and how she hated it but loved running. i mentioned i loved swimming and hated running. now right there i should have known. after that chat she never spoke to me again but gave out that vibe - the bitch vibe. and the loser vibe. i was always way behind her and she knew that i knew that. so here i am at this event and i havent seen the bitch at any event this year and she walks by. the good news is she is fatter. okay i am human and female. so i am REALLY hoping now that i do well. the competitive spirit has poked its head out. we head down for the swim and we are the last wave which is a good thing as most of the losers - sorry novice and fun people will be done. we have to swim into the sun, current and chop for 300m. it is a deep water start. i swim out so i am the furthest from the direct line and foolishly tell everyone to come with me and that if we start out the current will take us straight back in to the buoy and we wont have to double back. why i am helping people ? it is a fucking race. WTF? the first part was a tough swim and i went through the struggles again but knew once i got to that first buoy i would get faster. arch nemesis buddies were again well in front of me but i still got out of the water at the same time. i was encouraged when i swam past two guys. what the ? they started more than five minutes before us. and they were fairly ripped fit looking dudes. i caught up with more as i was leaving the water so kudos to us chicky babes. now i had to run 500m up a hill. this is what makes this course interesting. on the bike and now for three laps and six hills. i played tag with elizabeth for awhile but she ended up 2 minutes quicker. its those big legs of hers. silke never passed me but wasnt too far behind. the course goes down one hill and then straight out and back about 4km before coming back up the hill, another smaller one and then winds around a bit before going down a big hill with a turnaround at the bottom before climbing back up and starting all over. anyway on the way back up the first hill who do i catch up with but the bitch. i couldnt believe it. she was in front of me from the swim. will have to friggin fix that. i got out of my seat and rode straight past her. it felt GOOD. i didnt see her again in the bike and it was a tough ride. aero bars went well but lower back started hurting so i just HTFU and continued on. the run. i set off not long after elizabeth and silke was right behind me. after about 500m silke ran past me but i ran behind her for another 3km before she got maybe 50m in front of me. it was warm out and i knew the run back up the hill to the finish was going to be a pain. then sadly about 1.5km into the run the bitch ran past me. DAMN. i know what i have to do. anyway it was still a great race and a fun course. the positive is that i had a pretty good swim, a great bike and for the second time only i ran the 5km in under 6 minute kms. this is huge and shows continued improvement. as it turns out i had a faster run than elizabeth so i need to keep with her on the bike. i was fourth in my age group. okay so there wasnt as many entered as usual but who cares. i was fourth. as for the chunky bitch there is always next time. she knew i was there and that she didnt beat me by 20-30 minutes this time.
Sprint 750 swim, 20k bike, 5k run
Time swim 20.50 bike 52.21 run 29.39
Total 1.42.50


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