Sunday, January 17, 2010


i like hot weather. i prefer it from cold weather. but i will admit that yesterday was hot. not the hottest day i have experienced but it was too hot to go to the beach. or that may have been because my legs were too tired. or i dont handle the heat as well as i did - meaning i am age affected. i refuse to let age affect anything so i will not accept that this could be true. i am aiming for the olympic distance at point walter march 28. the course has hills in both the bike and run. so i have increased my training - especially the running. last friday i completed my first 10km neighbourhood run and my legs felt it. from then through to sunday i rode 100km, ran 27km and swam 11km. monday is my day off. i did a mini resistance training on wednesday. sunday i was on the bike at 5.45am and rode 50km with some gusty winds making it a harder ride than normal. i was thinking about going for a third lap but the training indicates that i should run half the event distance after riding the full event distance once a week. so i get off the bike and my back is stiff. that is not going to be a good look but hopefully the massage today will help. i do some stretching and put my run gear on and head out for an easy 5km. my legs were very tired. but my knee wasnt hurting like on friday so i was happy enough. it was getting warm and while i didnt set a blistering pace i did run the 5km and felt okay so there is improvement there. i was starving. i have a nana nap then waste 90 minutes of my life watching Bruno. i never saw his first movie. i do not think making fun of people is funny. i even dislike those crazy calls radio stations make. there was nothing funny about this movie and some of it was just plain horrible to watch. then it just got hotter and hotter and could feel the house warming up. the dogs were having no part of going outside and by then i was too tired to do anything but run the bath and lie in it - a chilled glass of wine at the ready. watched lance race in adelaide. they were moving at 49km/hr - lap after lap. i do that going down a big friggin hill.

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