Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rockingham TriSeries Sprint Triathlon

after seven weeks of events every weekend this is the last one before xmas and a two week break. it is also part of the triseries which is supported by triathlon wa and gains you points to be the legend of all triathletes for the year. it is very well organised and has the dudes riding around on motorbikes to ping you for drafting. it is going to be a hot day and the drive to rockingham takes over an hour and i get lost following a dude with ironmanwa number plates. i have heard about the venue and didnt have time to check it out. the swim is flat and shallow for 40m, the bike flat and fast and the run HOT. i meet up with elizabeth and silke. transition is allocated so no drama about getting first spot. we hang out down the beach as it is getting really warm and they are taking their time setting off the enticer waves. so with time to spare i go for a swim and the water feels great. i am hoping i have a positive start but will not get overly excited. people are walking around with wetsuits on and this i find bizarre. i cannot believe it is a wetsuit legal race and that you would bother for 750m. which reminds me this is the first full sprint distance i have completed since my virgin event in march. they send the guys off first and then my wave starts. i have new goggles so no FOGGING. i walk the shallow section as i figure all the numb nutts who are running are sending their heart rates through the roof. get deep enough to start swimming and yep the start is rough for me. so i think make it to the first buoy and see what happens. i see elizabeth 30 metres in front doing breaststroke like her life depended upon it so that is weird. around the first buoy and things get better and after next buoy i am hooting along again and drafting off some guy. i keep swimming in the shallow and the guy pulls me along when he gets up to walk. learnt this from swimming next to the water aerobic ladies. i get up and i am level with elizabeth and silke so good catch up job. confirm that i am quick in transition as i am on the bike before elizabeth and silke. two lap circuit and it is a cross breeze and hot. no advantage or rest either way. some guy tells me to keeping working at it. WTF ? is he my new coach. another guy goes to take off after passing me at a turn around whilst changing gears. i then hear his bike make that noise where you know the chain is coming off. hehe. elizabeth, silke and i change positions for awhile then elizabeth finally gets in front. i come into transition with silke. out for the run and all i can say is HOT HOT HOT. make it to the first station 1km out and they have NO WATER. they have run out. this is very bad. i keep running to the turn around and they have water. i felt like i was crawling along and i may have even walked for about two metres before the brain took back over. someone turned one of the showers on and everyone was running through it. i did a sideways thing so my shoes would stay dry. i didnt care if everyone overtook me. we had to run past transition and then on for another 1km. this was past and then back past all the coffee shops and cafes where people were sitting back relaxing. just before entering the finish line a nice couple were cheering everyone on and saying great supportive things. it was encouraging. saw elizabeth go by after the turn around. cannot remember anyone else. it was a good feeling to run through the finish line and hear simon call your name. had a post race chat to elizabeth and silke. we had all felt the heat. i hung around for the presentations. not that i expected anything but to see who the elites and age group winners were. and to hear their times. back home, shower and relax on sofa out of heat. the times are out early afternoon and i am so excited and chuffed. the first sprint in march took me 1.47. i was happy that i finished and i wasnt DFL. so nine months later and i am twenty minutes quicker. i will concede that i have a new bike but i have trained and clocked the miles on it. total time 1.28.13. swim 17.21, bike 41.40 (previous PB was 43.15 - i was sizzling :)) and run 29.11. MASSIVE FREAKIN EXCITEMENT. this is 5.50 per km - UNDER SIX MINUTES. in the friggin sahara heat as well. this is what it is all about. and i dont give a fuck that for many people this is not impressive. i cracked six minutes and i know that i will run five minute k's and then who knows. whaohooo. p.s. swim has room for and needs improvement :(.

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