Monday, November 16, 2009

Power Station Triathlon

strange preparation for this event being on a saturday morning. managed to get away from work early on friday but not for a good reason. the idiots running the asylum made rosanne redundant and it had an impact on everybody. so i mowed the lawn, veged in front of the tv then got my gear organised. i had to have a glass of wine and then felt guilty for it. then reminded myself that i am not an elite athlete :). up at 4am for the drive that would need a cut lunch and a waterbag. i was not feeling motivated at all and a bit nervous. it was going to be an ocean swim and the weather was looking just okay. they had forecast light showers. i am now over being worried about cold weather and now seem to focus on whether it will rain or not. i am early so i get a great parking spot and first choice of bike rack location. i register and then start chatting to the girls around me. sometimes this has been slightly maniac to keep my mind away from the race but i appeared normal and coherent. this race had the serious triathletes. i was in the sprint - 400m swim, 20km bike and 4km run. there was a super sprint so helped lower the numbers in my event. the water was very choppy with waves around a foot. the swim started up the beach which worked out well as we would be swimming with the current and i would be able to breathe on my favourite side. there was the obstacle of the old jetty which needed to be avoided at all costs. the fun event went first and then the guys in my event. i had on my long sleeve speedo rashy and i still think at the beginning of every cold swim the best $90 ever spent. we all run into the water and swim out to the first buoy because it was a deep water start. weird and made it hard as people drifted past the start. i was to the edge and back and i was still getting my breathing settled after the shock of the cold water. started off with a bit of freestyle and then had to go back to breast stroke and again had the thought go through the head that i couldnt do it and it seemed impossible. but i kept going and it wasnt made any easier by goggles that fogged up and i couldnt see jack shit. it was tough but in the end i did enjoy being in the water. found out later that alot of people got stung but i seemed to avoid them all. did come across alot of seaweed. my latest theory on poor ows is that my brain wont let my body breathe because it cannot see where it is going. when i got to the last buoy i took off freestyle and passed people and got out at the same time as some guys. i am not the worst and i am so determined that i will find answers to this. felt great when i got on the bike and just took off and really enjoyed the ride. averaged 29k and considering all the turns i was happy. then came the dreaded run. started off rough but by the second lap and last 2km i realised i was feeling comfortable and had found a rythmn. i also notice that at this point that is when people stop passing me or is it that noone is left who can pass me ? the run is dissappointing but until i start devoting more serious time and effort to the training i need to shut up. the goanna that jumped out at me (and if you know the animal then jumping maybe an exaggeration) but it did scare the crap out of me and sent my heart rate up a notch. i felt great at the finish and i think i benefited from having done the pinkie tri. 400m, 20km, 4km. 1.23.11. 12.31 swim, 44.50 bike, 25.50 run.

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