Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pinkie Race Report

so after seven months of winter training which included getting a new bike (i love my bike), the City To Surf fun run and video swim analysis etc i finally got to try it all out. this event is for the serious beginner which was going to be excellent for testing the new equipment and getting comfortable with it. the swim was in the pool and this had me very excited as i dreamed of fast times. i had a plan about swimming my own race. i am a smart person. so WHY then do i ignore every smart thought in my head ? i was meant to start at a reasonable pace and build and come home fast. instead i take off with the pack at sprint pace, struggle with the distraction of my speedo top dragging like the puppies are on display (had sports bra on so logic told me not to worry), bring my heart rate up so quick that i could hardly breathe and had to slow at the end of fifty to a snails pace. this was a huge lesson and i am glad that it happened in this event. it has led me to believe that i am always starting off too fast and this is why i get fatigued quickly. my next swim in the pool i tested my theory and the first 600 felt better and built up to a decent speed while still feeling fresh. this could be the answer but the start has to be slow and relaxed. anywho out of the pool ran a mile to transition and the heart is still racing. got shoes on, race belt, sunnies and then do you think i could clip my helmet on. NNOooooo. ran another mile to mount area and thank the tri gods i clipped in quickly and then proceeded to pass so many girls that i think i started to laugh hysterically. while still trying to get the heart down. i LOVE my bike. the bike is KING. it truly was worth the wait. i was doing the passing and grinning like the idiot i am. while avoiding the car humps i managed to get feet out of shoes and through dismount. racked the bike that must be worshipped, running shoes on and then ignored small tip to put hat on while starting to run toward run exit. i thought i would feel better in the run after training has improved but i think heart rate was still up and so stuck on 6 minute kms. struggled a bit at the end. i have to start doing interval running. i hung around after and actually felt like going for a swim. when i got home i felt pretty good and had some lunch and watched a movie. then i checked my email and the results were in. in the past this has been rather pitiful but improvement at last. always taking into account that the competition wasn't exactly stellar there were some very competitive girls there. in age group i was 5 out of 30. overall i was 68 from 540. for the bike leg i was 24th fastest overall and second in age group. i went stupid excited. the person in age group faster than me won the whole thing. my swim could have been better and my run still lets me down. but i have IMPROVED. then i got on the bike and rode my 40km training circuit. slept well.

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