Sunday, November 29, 2009

left bank triathlon

okay so yesterday i swam the west coast 1000 so i was feeling pretty good about myself. however i was a little tired because i had dropt by charmaine's last night. being her 40th it was the right thing to do and while i am way over the wild pissy nights out the drive to her place was a mission. so i am up at 4am and off to east fremantle and the left bank triathlon. it was just up from point walter and in preen family territory. i rode past nana's old house and the cousins house four times that day. being a sports performance event it was the usual organised chaos. i got a great spot on the bike racks in transition - advantage of being early. that and great parking. the swim was in the river and didnt look inviting. i was thinking that i was going to do great in the swim since the 1000 swim yesterday. i should have known better. chatted to a couple of the regular girls in my age group (or the one below depending on size of grouping). at the start of the swim half the girls were well into the course as the horn sounded. totally unfair but this is the organised chaos i mentioned. so i was behind from the start and tired from the start. it was the worst i have ever felt. it was only 400 metres but felt like 4000. i got worried that the event every weekend and the extra swim had caught up with me. i have no idea of taper and have some crazy plan that these events are actually training sessions for something bigger. this is part of the experience and learning curve. i was extremely happy to be out of the water. stupid timing chip was coming off so had to stop and fix that. got on the bike for four laps and 20km which included a nice hill climb. there were far too many turns and far too many people. the course was too compact and small and the fun and novice people really did get in the way. remember seeing one guy who was huge and just about smothered his bike and his bum ate up his bike seat. but he is giving it a go. i maybe would have gone for some weight loss prior but that is me. okay so into second lap and i get stung by bee on my finger. it must have landed on my handle and then i squished it. stung like HELL. it put me off a bit. then back started to hurt. WTF ? i was passing a few people in my race and appeared to be holding my own so i figured i just needed to hang on. as it turns out i wasnt doing that badly but i was thinking of all the things i would NOT do next time. one girl came up behind me and said that i was making her work too hard to catch me. after that she never got more than 10 metres in front. got off the bike and into the run only to discover i had picked up something on my foot and it was now digging in. again WTF ? i could either stop and take shoe and sock off or just HTFU. i opted to HTFU. the run was 4 km and involved running up the hill climb - twice. that really did me in or felt like it did. i got passed by a few girls and just wanted it to be over. i learnt alot from this race. i have always had things go my way so to have things crop up was a good learning curve. for the course my times were not that bad so it was encouraging. went home and had a nana nap. 400m swim, 20km bike, 4km run. results 1.23.45 11.22 s, 43.15 b, 29.08 r. terrible run but considering the overall tired legs etc. until i start putting the training time in running i cannot complain that i am crap.

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